Best Fitness Workout DVD

Herbalife 24 FIT is a 24-week program, designed to build your fitness in an effective and sustainable way. This  home fitness system utilizes periodization principles to systematically vary exercises and intensity, helping to achieve maximum physical adaptation.

The 24FIT program was developed by Herbalife with the help of Robert Forster, a well-known physical therapist and performance specialist. He has trained some of the world’s best athletes including Pete Sampras.

The Workout DVDs are cos hosted by:

TOM HOLLAND –  an elite endurance athlete and physiologist committed to helping people live a better life through fitness. Tom has run over 50 marathons, is a 19-time Ironman triathlete and has won several natural body building awards.

SAMANTHA CLAYTON – an Olympic athlete, fitness instructor, spokesmodel and mother of four. She is a certified personal trainer and uses her experience to help others reach their fitness goals.

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