QuickSpark for Natural Energy

QuickSpark is natural energiser used by those to combat fatigue as well as athletes and sportsmen. In fact anyone needing a natural and effective way of boosting their bodies energy levels may benefit from using this food supplement.

For professionals and people with demanding careers:

A clinical study found that individuals who received Coenzyme 1 performed significantly better on 5 out of 8 cognitive measures. Those who showed a trend to better performance on the other three measures, when compared to those receiving placebo

For students, shift workers, truck drivers or anyone short of sleep but requiring mental clarity and focus:

A Cornell University study found that the subjects who took 20 mg of Coenzyme 1 and were tested after 24 hours of sleep deprivation, performed up to 400% better on visual perception and cognitive tests compared to when they took the placebo

For Athletes and increase sports performance

A study by the Department of Sports Medicine at the University clinic in Freiberg Germany, tested highly conditioned athletes. After supplementing with 30 mg of Coenzyme 1 per day, they experienced an increase in increase of 7% a muscular ATP, increased levels of oxygen in the bloodstream, lower lactate blood levels and improved recovery time

QuickSpark provides Coenzyme 1 which triggers ATP energy production at a cellular level. The more Coenzyme 1 cells you have the more ATP energy is produced

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