Weight Loss Challenge

Inspired by the latest Government initiatives to cut obesity, exciting new, revolutionary initiative, the 12 Week Weight Loss Challenge , comes to the UK.

Eating healthily is easier said than done as long term weight loss is only achieved through understanding how our body works and what constitutes a nutritionally balanced diet. It is exactly through applying that knowledge it is possible to make the right changes to our diet to ensure not only long term weight loss, but also improve overeall health.

Ist this nutritional knowledge that the majority of people who need it the most, lack, making it difficult to make any real, long term progress. Many diets around do not offer this sort of support and concentrate solely on weight loss ignoring nutritional demands of the body, causing well known yo-yo dieting effect.

The Arriba Weight Loss Challenge is a 12 week programme conducted by Arriba Wellness Coaches, initialised by Herbalife International, world leaders in weight loss and nutrition, where participants, regardless of what weight loss program they follow, meet weekly to follow up their weight loss progress, are empowered with advice on nutrition and healthy food choices covering nutrition topics like Importance of Protein, Reading Food Labels, Good and Bad Fats, Good and Bad Carbs, Understanding Metabolism, Importance of Exercise, Heart Health, Healthy Breakfast, Importance of Water, etc.

The cost of 12 week Weight Loss Challenge workshop is £39 for the 12 week period, making it very affordable. Majority of the registration fee goes back to the participants in terms of Weekly Gift Prizes, Free Healthy Beverages and Snacks and Cash Prizes to the three biggest losers at the end of 12 weeks. Three biggest losers will have a chance to win up to £600 between them, final winner’s pot depending on the number of total participants. Participants are free to use any method of weight loss they wish, but those who best apply the information we give in our weekly training sessions are likely to be the ones who win the competition.

The Challenge:

Everyone in the challenge starts and finishes on the same date
Everyone pays a participation fee of £39 up-front to cover the cost of weekly venue hire, handouts, prize money etc
At the end of the 12 weeks the 3 participants who have lost the greatest % of body weight win:
1st Prize =  £300*
2nd Prize = £200*
3rd Prize =  £100*

* Prizes based on 30 participants. Prizes are relative to the number of participants, please speak with your Arriba! leader for exact details.

Most of all, it will be FUN and we envisage it to be the place where participants will feel comfortable to come together and compete in a friendly atmosphere with one another, keep track of their progress, share knowledge and experiences, get advice on healthy eating, get necessary recognition and earn some much needed cash in this financial climate!

Check the locations of the Wellness Clubs where the weight loss challenge takes place, organised by Herbalife Independent Distributors.

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