Arriba Weight Loss Challenge Birmingham

arriba-weight-loss-certificateThe  Arriba Community Weight Loss Challenge is a 12 week course designed to give you the necessary knowledge and support you need to achieve safe and long term weight loss.  Coming to Birmingham…

Much more than pay-weigh-go!

Unlike traditional ‘Slimming Clubs’ at Arriba! we provide much more than a ‘pay-weigh-and go’ weight loss class.

Personal Support

We understand that everyone has different challenges when trying to lose weight and that’s why on joining the club all members are assigned a local Personal Wellness Coach so you are assured to get the individual support and advice you need whilst benefiting from the community spirit of the club environment.

Full Body Analysis

At Arriba! we do not just focus on what the scales say. Each week members receive a full body analysis (don’t worry, it takes a few seconds and you don’t need to get undressed!) which allows us to monitor, amongst other things:

Body Fat %
Hydration Levels
Muscle Mass Bone Mass
Metabolic Rate
Metabolic Age
Visceral (Internal) Fat Levels  

 Education For Long Term Weight Management

Arriba! do not promote quick fix ‘fad’ dieting. Our mission is to provide easy to understand information that help individuals make better choices without depriving themselves of the things they enjoy. This approach ensures our members improve their daily habits and lose weight safely, naturally and in a fashion that is sustainable and proven to ensure that the weight stays off for good.

Arriba Weight Loss Challenge in Birmingham

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